Kraftwerk em 1991

When we started it was like, shock, silence. Where do we stand? Nothing. Classical music was of the 19th century, but in the 20th century, nothing. We had no father figures, no continuous tradition of entertainment. Through the 50s and 60s everything was Americanised, directed towards consumer behaviour. So, we were part of this ’68 movement, where suddenly there were possibilities, and we performed at happenings and art situations. Then we started just with sound, to establish some form of industrial German sound, and then we founded our Kling Klang studio: the German word for sound is ‘klang’, ‘kling’ is the verb. Phonetics, establishing the sound; we added more electronics. You had these performances from Cologne radio, Stockhausen, and something new was in the air, with electronic sounds, tape machines. We were a younger generation, we came up with different textures.

O trecho é parte da entrevista feita pelo jornalista Jon Savage com o Kraftwerk em 1991. A entrevista nunca tinha visto a luz do dia, até agora, quando foi transcrita. Entre previsões, desejos e criações, os alemães acertam muito.

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